Stick RPG 2 (hacked/unblocked/cheats)

Game by XGen Studios, released April, 2011
Available on Mac and Windows

stick rpg 2Game Description
The bizarre world you find yourself in in Stick RPG 2 is odd to say the least. You are instantly thrust into survival mode with full energy and only a few dollars. You need to find work, food, drink, shelter, and increase all of your klout scores (found on your ID card) by visiting the various shops and activities. You can gamble, go on quests and collect artifacts. The object of the game is to explore Paper Thin City. It is a unique place with lots of options and online discoveries. Solve a mystery to build up your stats and become rich, or not.
Tip #1 – Visit the ice cream shop and get the $7 split, it increases your funds exponentially. You will thank me for this one.
Tip #2 – Go workout to increase your strength, you’ll need it.
Tip #3 – Click on the other stick people with thought bubbles, they will ask you to help them or give you things to improve your scores.
Tip #4 – Increase your intelligence by tutoring.

(If you know how to change the “value” of a number, this is a true hack to get your scores inflated without all the work.)

Use the arrow keys to move your character through the city streets.
Use a mouse to interact with objects and talk to other characters.
Hold Shift to run, or use your skateboard if you have one (you have to earn it).
‘I’ to open Inventory
‘C’ to open your Character Information Window
‘Esc’ to close/open a panel or open the menu

Stick RPG 2 (hacked/unblocked/cheats)

Tips from XGen Studios
The makers of the game, XGen Studios, have a couple of tips to keep in mind. Remember where your basement apartment is, you need to sleep there. Some fights have a strength requirement, so if someone doesn’t want to fight that’s probably why.