Let’s play Stick RPG 1

Stick RPGThis game belongs to the role-playing category, it is completely flash based and free. You can play Stick RPG online on our web-site. Map of the games is modern city, with stores, cars, streets, etc. You play with character which is completely shaped as a stick. Game also allows you to travel between different cities. There are various ways to collect money in the game, you play as a criminal or you can play normal citizen, choice is yours, but remember game as well has its own karma so watch your step if you have chosen role of the criminal.

Controls of the game are pretty simple, all you have to do is to use your mouse + arrow keys on your keyboard.

There is new version of the games as well Stick RPG 2. If you want to play it just click on the image below.

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Good luck and have a nice day!