Second version – Stick RPG 2

Stick RPG 2Welcome to the second version of the game. This new version is just completely different game, developers have added so many different features and options to the game that it is easy to get lost in this huge paper city. You are now allowed to interact with other characters, improve your knowledge and intellect, find new professions and of course resolve mystery of your paper world.

Stick RPG 2 also comes with better graphics and it supports 3D. This is why the game looks more attractive and its graphics are smooth and high quality.

As always you start from crowded place, with lots of stores, people, cars, etc. But, don’t worry your main mission in the game is to improve your skills with a help of different interesting quests.

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Oh and there is one more interesting option as well – Save Your Game button, isn’t it awesome? Now you can save your game and your progress as well and continue it another day.

Stick RPG 2 is a role-playing game that is very interesting and can bring you a lot of fun and entertainment. The gameworld is huge and realistic where you have tons of different options and quests.

Click to play Stick RPG 1
Click to play Stick RPG 1

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